Burger Week – your chance for a free burger!
Posted on Monday 6th October

Welcome to Burger Week at Frankie’s Sports Bar & Diner – your chance to get a burger absolutely free.

Stick some beef in between a bun and taddah! you have a burger….and people LOVE it. Whether you’re happy with the basic, beef patty and bun, maybe with a dollop of ketchup or you like to cram so many fillings in that the burger becomes an impossible mess to eat, everyone has their favourite combination.

Obviously, that gives us reason enough to dedicate a whole week celebrating the American favourite. And what better way to do it then come up with burgers to really tantalise those tastebuds. How does a burger pie make you feel?

One week – seven days – seven burgers – one a day. Simple!

You can try one of these burgers completely free as we are offering customers the chance to win three burgers a day. All you need to do is come along, order a burger, take a photo and upload it to twitter or instagram with the hashtag #frankiesburgerweek

So what burgers should you expect to find on burger week?? A burger-tastic take on the roast dinner….meat overload, every meat lovers dream…and much more

Monday 20th October – Italian Job – beef patty, pancetta, mozzarella, rocket, tomato, pesto, ciabatta

Italian Job - Burger Week at Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner

Mamma Mia! Deliciously Italian

Tuesday 21st October – Habibi Burger – lamb patty, red onion, minted yoghurt, torn coriander, Lebanese pickled cucumber, cumin spiced fries 


Wednesday 22nd October – Triple Whammy – double 4oz burger, 7-hour pulled pork, double cheese, double bacon, fried onions, house relish, brioche 

triple whammy

Thursday 23rd October – El Pistolero – 8oz burger, Monterrey jack, plum tomato, avocado, sour cream, hot sauce, corn chips


Friday 24th October – Burger Pie – beef patty, pizza sauce, cheese, fried onion, garlic mushrooms, wrapped in puffed pastry 

Burger pie - all part of #frankiesburgerweek

It ain’t pretty but it’s all in the taste. Pastry – good. Burger – good. Burger pie – good.

Saturday 25th October – Macheeseburger – 8oz burger, macaroni cheese, house relish 


Sunday 26th October – Happy & Glorious – beef patty, crispy Yorkshire pudding, horseradish mayonnaise, watercress, gravy, roast potatoes


Build your own burger.

If you think you can do better, we are challenging our customers to come up with their ‘ultimate burger’ for more information click here.