Dare you take on the Frankie’s BBQ Food challenge
Posted on Monday 31st March

Please note that this dish is no longer available

Everyone thinks they’ve got the stomach to take on a Man vs Food* challenge. Whether it’s to consume the spiciest of wings, take on the world’s biggest fry-up or commit yourself to chomping your way through a 26-inch pizza, every contender enters with optimism but not all come out on top.

Let us introduce to you, Frankie’s BBQ food challenge, Fulham Road’s newest and most challenging food test. Essentially its a plate of all your favourite BBQ food, sounds good doesn’t it?

What’s included? Well, here goes…

  • One pulled pork sandwich
  • One BBQ burger with cheese and bacon
  • One portion of Jalapeño cheesy fries
  • Half a rack of BBQ ribs
  • One portion of chicken wings
  • A few onion rings
  • A pot of coleslaw

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to consume every bit of food on the plate with 45 minutes. If you manage to do this (bones excluded) with no help from your friends or random passers by, then you will get it completely free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Round up an audience and book now!

*Man vs Food  – Take a whole load of food, in fact, an EXTREME amount of food, shovel it down within a certain time limit and you’re a champion…in the eyes of the food Gods.

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